Struggles. And Style Quizzes!

Aghhhh! Me and this house of mine are soooo having issues. (Please ignore all incorrect grammar in this post. When I am frustrated the four years of English Literature knowledge I gained in college goes out the window. Oops. Make that five. Yes, I was in college for five years. Deal with it). Back to my whining: where on earth do you begin?! I have never owned a house before, so trying to prioritize the 9,000 things on our “to do” list is a bit taxing. (I also exaggerate when stressed. If you couldn’t tell).

Before buying a home I lived in my own apartment for only one year. I decorated a tiny bit, but did not commit to painting any walls, adding board and batten or any fun things like that because I knew that living situation was temporary.
But now that I have this large, old-with-good-bones home and all of the free agency to decorate however the heck I want…I am drawing a blank.

To those of you who are in the same position OR who will one day be in the same position, I offer to you that I will be your guinea pig. I promise to post often. But not only of the beautiful before and after photos, but of the recurring struggles that I will face since I have never done this before. Let’s do this together, what do you say?

The main aspect that I am continually thinking about is style. What is my style?
My love for décor and design originally came to me in the form of cottage/shabby chic style, which I used in my apartment. I LOVE this style. However, after a while, I found I was growing tired of it.

Then when we bought this house, I thought about how I want to reinvent my style—new home, new style, new chapter. And after that decision began to sink in, I started panicking. I had always associated myself with cottage/shabby chic and now that identity was beginning to fade.

I had to do something quick. So I started with a list of styles (there are SO many out there): cottage, modern, French eclectic, shabby chic, contemporary, traditional… This list makes me want to hide in a corner with a gallon of ice cream and weep. And yes. It will be Haagen-Dazs into which I will cry many tears.

To help me in my quest, next I scoured the amazing internet of course. And I found some fun and wonderful style quizzes out there.

Check them out—just for fun or if you are in a state of anxiety such as myself:
(note: the first quiz asks you to write down your answers…so get a piece of paper and a pen ready. Set. GO.)

Real Simple Quiz

Sproost Quiz

Ethan Allen Quiz

For the first one, I tied with Vintage Eclectic and Cozy Casual. For the Sproost quiz the winner was French Eclectic—these all sound about right to me! But I also got Modern as my style for the Ethan Allen quiz—I feel like that is not really me at all. But quizzes never lie! Just kidding. They do.

I feel that these were helpful…in the very least they were interesting since I was able to understand what small details and aspects of a room I love, as well as what overall feel of a room makes me jump with joy.

But, I also do not want to get wrapped up in a specific style. There is no need to color in the lines here—that is what is so amazing about décor. You could go forth, decorate a room and create almost a new style that only suits you as an individual. And if that is the case, I say more power to you.

One of the other most helpful things I have done is to just look around. In magazines, on the internet. Pinterest anyone? There are SO many wonderful images to just look at. If you find a room/style you are drooling over, sit down and decipher what you like about that space and then try to mimic that in your own way. I have done this and am proud to say I think I am finally starting to understand what aspects of a room make me cry with joy and what makes me cringe.

I will be starting with the living room.

Stay tuned. Many mistakes to come.

p.s. If you take any of the above quizzes, let me know what you get. I would love to see what the most popular décor style is amongst readers! OR if you have any good style quizzes that you have found, please share!

(Thanks for letting me ramble on. and on. and on. Promise I will post photos next time. Cross my heart).


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  1. Also got identical results.

    I don’t know if it counts for much, but usually if I find one or two things I love, I can kind of build onto them as far as style. And I don’t necessarily think that one style doesn’t flow into the vintage eclectic and modern. I would say I like modern lines and vintage fabric and details. I hope that makes sense.

    • I totally understand…I think it is fun to mix and match different styles too! Sometimes having too much of one thing/style can become overwhelming in a space. Thanks for the input & results- it’s fun to see what others are getting!

  2. You can do it Chrissy!! Excited to see the next step!!

  3. I got exactly the same results as you Chrissy !!

  4. Ermahgerd. I have no style identity. I took a quiz and got this: “Hmm, that’s odd. We couldn’t identify your style based on the quiz results. Would you mind taking it again? Sorry, but we just want to be sure…” Um, help me sister.

    Anywho, at least you can figure out what you like. I have faith in you. You’ve done more in that little apartment than I’ve done in 5 years in my manse. haha. j/k. LOL BRB.

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