House Tour: The Before Photos

Are you ready for the before house tour? Brace yourself! The photos actually look pretty decent…and I am very excited to turn this house into a home, however it was VERY dirty…and still is. I am not sure if you can quite tell in the photos, but there are marks ALL over the walls. And nails. OMG nails. If I NEVER see a nail again in my life, I will be a happy woman. I pulled nails out of the living room, kitchen and bedroom. We still have the basement to do. But the man counted. 39 nails. No, that is not a typo. There are 39 nails in the basement walls alone.

The walls are still gross, we have yet to paint; that is next on my agenda.

So, without further adieu, here are some before photos:

This is the master bathroom. I am not even going to show you a full photo- you’re welcome. But you get an idea of what we are dealing with in there…

To the basement! Creepy, I know. Can you see the scuff marks on the right hand side? It’s crying “Help me! I need paint!!!”

Don’t. Even. Ask.

This is the downstairs “bathroom.”

I know I totally sound cynical. The basement “bathroom” has already flooded twice and we continue to find things that the owner thought he could do on his own. Our inspector calls this the “homeowner DIY special,” and not in a good way. We have a long road ahead of us, but I feel very blessed and happy to finally have a home of our own. I think once we rectify some of the mistakes the prior owner made, we will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Good news is that any time we find/see something that he did in a completely lazy manner (or just incorrect manner, I am not sure which one it is), I just laugh. Because if not, I am just going to get stressed out even more.

Do you own a home? Have you owned a home? If so, I would love any tips on how to stay sane during this ; )

Thanks for stopping by….I will be writing much more often since I have SO much more to talk about.  Up next, I will share some decor dilemmas, paint samples and sofa choices that I need help with.

Thanks for stopping by!

xo Chrissy

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  1. Is that a wood burning furnace in your basement??? That looks like something we’d have created a scary story about as kids. Good luck with your reno! Hopefully by this time next week, we’ll be able to share tips! Fingers crossed…

  2. Hi i think you have got a great place there. It takes time but you will surely get there with the home filled with your personal touches and nice cozy corners!
    Good luck! :)

  3. Oh, no worries there, you bought a great house! My new farm should be (finally) free of tenants hopefully this weekend. Wait till you see THOSE photos and you’ll be thanking Jesus for your wonderful new house! LOL Just the animal poop in every room alone would make you convulse – hope to have pics up on my blog next week. Blech. Have fun making your new home your own special place in the world. I have a feeling you’ll do an awesome job!

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