Chair Makeover

Let’s try this again. That’s right. This is my second post attempt. Why, you ask? Because when I was all done with my post Monday night, I went to save my draft and, instead, it was deleted. So, a few tears & not-so-nice words later, I started again. And here it is:

Remember my post (or as I like to call it: ‘teaser’) about the amazing fabrics I bought? Well…I finally put one to use! I am so very excited to share this project with you! One of the reasons being that this was the first time I have ever reupholstered anything. Secondly, for the fact that this project only cost me $19! I love being able to completely makeover a piece of furniture on a budget-that is what this blog is all about!

So…let’s get started.

My boyfriend’s father (who is awesome by the way) gave me these chairs; we found them in the back of his shed. I could not get the word “yes!” out of my mouth fast enough before he finished asking if I wanted these:

You can see that the chairs were used to stand on while painting, hence the paint drops. Nothing some sanding can’t fix.

After uncovering those lovely mustard colored pleather seats, I found even more upholstery, which was the original fabric on the chairs.

Tucked inside was a tag stating that the chairs were made in the good ol’ US of A and that they are from 1923! This made me love them even more.

After some sanding, primer, paint and new fabric…

For those who love details, here you go: I used KILZ spray paint primer. This is the first spray paint I have ever used since starting my obsession with furniture makeovers—and I love it! I then used a creamy white, Honeymilk by Valspar, to go with my new table (you can see the table makeover here).  After distressing the furniture, I put on one coat of Polycrylic which I think really helps to protect the furniture. I also love the tiny bit of shine it adds for a finished look. Last but not least, I (meaning me & Dennis, my man’s dad) covered some chair padding that I got from Hancock Fabrics for 40% off. The upholstery fabric was also on sale for only $6 per yard, which was just about the right amount needed.

For those who hate details, here are some more photos (please pay no attention to the other two chairs as those are not finished as of yet.)


Hope you enjoyed!
See you soon,

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  1. LOVE the chairs . I took my dad’s painting chair for the same reason they hated it I loved the design. Haven’t removed the pleather yet because its just so durable but such a drab shade of gray. I redid my first chairs when my 6 year old nieces inadvertently spill red nail polish on it. I told her I’d been meaning to recover all aong so she wouldn';t feel bad, and then figured it out myself. But you have very impressive corners! I’m getting better and redid a desk chair, an old rocker, and would live to do it again.

  2. I learned the hard way about losing posts you’ve just finished typing…..I do the nerdy student thing now and draft them in a word doc first, arrange my photos etc and then save it. Then I just copy and post my sections across into WordPress and if anything goes wrong I have my back up in my word doc. God I really am a nerd. P.S can you send some of your decorator magic my way please?!

  3. Nice! These turned out great! I just got an old living room chair for free that I want to reupholster (really cool arms with nice piping trim). Only problem is I don’t know how to do it and I don’t have the money to pay an expert.

  4. LOVE the windowpane detail. Good eye for good bones. A blessing to find indeed, and it looks like you have good finishing skills, too.

  5. The chairs look AWESOME! You are so good at this. You inspire me to do something fun with furniture…I just don’t know what yet.

  6. Daniel A says:

    Great photo, it really shows off your work!

  7. Gorgeous all around! Why are you so talented? Your little humble abode is so precious. I must come visit!


  1. Issues – says:

    […] This white is the same color I painted my table and chairs. I love it because, although it looks super off-white above, it is white-white, but a very soft […]

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